The Gap

Do you sometimes find yourself worrying or stressing out over where you want to be and where you are right now?  I know I do.  If you’re like me,  you can sometimes feel like where you want to be is so far away from where you are now that you will never be able to get there. Maybe you want to open a business or maybe you want to make a certain amount of money. Maybe right now your goals seem so far out of reach that you won’t ever be able to achieve them.  Your goals will always shift and they will always be out there in the future.  They may sometimes or always seem unreachable.  I learned an awesome exercise from my friend AJ Roberts that can really help you change your mindset and will help you learn how to really get your head in the right place so that you aren’t focusing on all of the things you haven’t achieved yet.

Enter “The Gap”

The gap is that space between where you are right now and where you want to be.  If we focus on that gap it can be bad for us.  We need to think more about what we have accomplished.  What are our “wins?”  Just how far have we come?  This exercise will help you think more positively about yourself and your goals. Instead of focusing on what you don’t have right now, this exercise helps you see all of the great things you have done to get you where you are right now. This in turn will help you think positively about the future and instead of worrying or stressing out about it you can can be excited about all of the incredible things that are going to happen over the coming days, months and years. 

Here is an example of how this works.  Where were you 3 years ago?  Write it down. Everything about what was going on for you 3 years ago. Were you working? Making money? Where did you live? Write everything down. Take a minute and think about all of the things you write down. 

Now write down where you are today. Same stuff. What’s changed?  What things are better?  Take a minute and think about all of the progress you have made in the last three years. Think about all of the lessons you have learned and how much of a better person you are now than you were then. 

Now instead of thinking about how far away you are from where you want to be, focus instead on all of the things you have accomplished and all of the things you are going to accomplish in the next three years. Think about yourself in three years sitting down to work through this exercise again. Think about how much progress you will have made in that time.  

It doesn’t have to be 3 years though.  It can be 5 years, 1 year, 6 months or even one day.  There is a really cool app that I found called WinStreak.  Every day it will ask you “What were your wins today?”


Every day I can put in my wins for the day and add in things that I want to win at tomorrow.  This helps me focus on the positive things that I’m getting done and not the things I am not getting done or things that I can’t do right now.  Anyway, this is a very simple, yet powerful exercise that can really help out a lot.  Especially if you are one who is struggling with feeling positive about where you are going in life and where you want to be.

Bonus: Check out this video of Dan Sullivan talking about the 3 wins:

The Gap

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