If You Want Something Put It Out There

One big and important thing I’ve learned in the last couple of years is that if you want something to happen then you have to put it out there.  You have to tell people what you want to happen.  If you don’t, nobody will ever know and nothing will ever happen.  Sure there might be a rare occasion where someone notices you need something and offers it to you, but most of the time if nobody knows what you want to do they aren’t going to ask you to do that thing or give you that thing that you want.  You’re just gonna be sitting around and waiting for it….and that’s not cool.

Being an INFP, I tend to just sit back and do my own thing and if someone needs me for something I’m just going to wait for them to include me.  Everyone knows everything about me and what I’m capable of already, right?  Why should I worry about telling them I can do something?  If they wanted me to help them with something, they’d ask me, right?  NO!  You MUST tell them!

Insert random Dexter reference here, if you want something, take it:

This can be REALLY hard sometimes for someone that isn’t very confident or just has a hard time realizing that they really do have something to offer to whatever their current situation may be or whatever project they are working on.

At Barbell Shrugged, we’ve just launched the Shrugged Strength Challenge.  This was by far the most awesome website and project I’ve ever worked on.  Mostly because I LOVE working with my fellow “Shrug Thugs,” but also because I let myself be confident and let the team know that I am capable of certain things.  I wasn’t just sitting back and waiting for someone to ask me if I could do something, I was listening and if something came up I could do I “took it.”

Today at Lift Heavy Run Long, we recorded a podcast with Lisbeth Darsh.  We talked a LOT about mindset:

So many people are limited in such a big way because of their mindset.  People put so many unrealistic limitations on themselves without even realizing it.  We worry about what people with think.  We worry that we aren’t good enough or that some hater will make us look bad.  It’s not worth the worry.  Most people that take a negative view of what you are doing are just projecting their own deficiencies on you.  Learn that and own it.  You’re awesome, you’re talented, you’re skilled.  You can do whatever you want.  Take it!

So all that being said, I’m a pretty good WordPress, PHP Programmer and all around tech guy.  I LOVE helping people solve their technical problems.  Hit me up if you need help launching your “thing” or need help hashing out your idea.  I just finished up a couple of REALLY awesome projects and I’m ready for more.  It’s my bliss.  I love solving problems and making shit happen.  Hit me up if you need help.

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