Falling Down and Getting Up

I walked out into my garage last night and tripped over something.  I fell hard on the concrete and it hurt.  In that moment it occurred to me that if you want to be successful you have to be able to take big risks.  You can’t be afraid of falling.  You are going to fall hard and you are going to fall often.  In the past my fear of falling has put limits on what I want to do.  What do we learn from skateboarding?  Fall hard, fall hard, fall hard, fall hard, fall hard….get back up and try again.  You might eventually make the trick you are after.  You might not.  You’ll learn something from it though.  So…go full speed and give it everything you’ve got.  Don’t be afraid of falling.  I think this lesson is going to be good for me not just with skateboarding but everywhere else in my life.

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