So I blew the blog away. I’m not sure exactly why, just felt like starting over. I sat down and read through a bunch of it, and it just seemed silly. There may have been some stuff in there that I’ll revisit soon, but for the most part I just felt like starting over, and starting to write about things that I care about, things that I actually like, and whatever goes on in my head. It just seems like a good time for a fresh start. A good time to refocus and recalibrate.

I wish I could travel back in time to the early 2000’s and remember where I stored the backup of the blog I had back then. Those were the days. “Blogging” was a relatively new thing, and it was unfiltered. I would just write about whatever stupid or fun thing I was thinking about or whatever thing was going on in the News or out there in the world. That is the way it needs to be. Stop thinking about how people are going to take what you say or what people are going to say about what you write. Just put it out there. I would talk a lot about Politics back then. Remember Cindy Sheehan? George W.? If you are really internet saavy and familiar with the “Way Back Machine” I bet you could go back and find some pretty embarrassing things that I wrote about or stood up for with my mighty internet keyboard. I do not do that enough anymore, put my opinion out there like I did back then.

It was not all politics though. There was music, movies, T.V., pop culture, skateboarding, steaks I was grilling, you get the idea. Here is a screenshot to give you a better idea:

This was before I knew about WordPress. This was a PHP app called “PHP Fusion.” I liked it a lot, and I had at least a dozen people regularly jumping in for conversation. I ran the site on a web server I built in my home office. I loved doing stuff like that back then. I still do, but today it is so much easier because the technology is so much better. Today you can literally get a web server built and a website setup in your house in probably less than half an hour. Back then you still had to screw around with whatever flavor of Linux you wanted to run, drivers, PHP and Apache installs, network drivers, etc.  It was fun, but not near as easy as it is today.

Anyway, this is me, popping my head out to say, “Hey.” Just writing about whatever I feel like writing about. Not trying to sell anything, just putting thoughts down that maybe somebody may want to chime in and talk about. Just stuff. Maybe my kids will one day be able to read and see what Dad was into back in the day. Assuming that I can manage to keep the database backed up and in place this time.