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beaheroMy friend and Barbell Shrugged teammate Chris Norman aka “CTP” has had this slogan for a while, “Reign Supreme.”  I have always thought that was super cool. It seems like something one could use as a measuring stick or filter for everything that they do.  If at any moment you wonder if you should be doing what you are doing you could simply ask yourself if this thing is in alignment with your motto.  For example, “Does this seem like I’m Reigning Supreme?”   Anyway, ever since I first saw the “Reign Supreme” slogan appear on merchandise or graphics on the website I knew I wanted something like that of my own that I could use to keep my own behavior and decisions in check.

Whenever I have downtime I like listening to podcasts.  I was encouraged by my friend AJ Roberts to listen to a couple of episodes of a podcast called 10x Talk.  A couple of weeks ago I was out mowing my lawn and decided to listen to this one episode of 10x Talk called “The 3 Pillars of Confidence.”  Around 38:30 in that podcast is where I really started to pay attention and I got really excited.  Dan Sullivan starts talking about this concept of picking “who you want to be a hero to.”  You really need to listen to this podcast but here are a couple of quotes that really got me thinking:

Align your great activities with a type of individual that you truly and always want to be a hero to.

My only commitments in life are to people that I actually want to be a hero to.

just want to see these individuals do well and want to contribute as much as I can to make them more capable to create the life they want for themselves

Don’t think of this “hero” thing as an ego trip like “I’m awesome, look at me,” but rather how can I do EVERYTHING I can to help this person.  How can I use everything I am good at to help this person or particular group of people get where they want to be?  In a sense, be a hero to them in every way that you can.

I literally stopped mowing the lawn at this point in the podcast and just stood there thinking.  Standing in my front yard with my lawnmower, sweating like crazy I had an epiphany.  In some ways I felt bad because at this moment I realized that there were a lot of people that I wasn’t doing everything I could for, that I was short changing in a way.  I wasn’t being a hero.  I was just doing the minimum or just “getting the job done.”  This was unacceptable.

I found my slogan, my own “Reign Supreme.” It was, Be a Hero.  As I thought about this, it worked in every scenario.  With my Family, my gym, my Barbell Shrugged team.  I found that everything I was doing I could ask myself, “are you being a hero?” In any situation, am I doing everything that I can to help this person or this team get to where they want to be?  Am I doing everything I can to make sure that I am “present” with my Family?  Wow, I have to tell you that I immediately thought of a lot of failures and things I needed to get better at.

So I made a list.  A list of people and/or groups of people that I really want to be a hero to.  Dan talks about in the podcast that sometimes people will tell you that you are obligated to do something for them, and it’s ok to tell them that you aren’t obligated to help them or that you aren’t going to help them.  Basically, it’s ok to say no.

I’m not going to share my whole list with you but it includes my Family, my Olive Branch CrossFit team, Barbell Shrugged team, and a handful of other people that I care a lot about and want to help.  That “handful of other people” seems to be turning into a certain “group” of people but I haven’t really nailed it down just yet.  I will soon though and I’ll share with you when I do.

Anyway, I encourage you to start asking yourself if you are being a hero.  In every situation.  Are you giving everything you possibly can in every moment?  I promise you’ll fail, as I have, but you will now be more aware that you are not giving the moment or that particular person everything you have. It’s ok if you fail the test as long as you realize you’re failing it and try to fix it.

Be A Hero!


Be a Hero

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