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Von Theory: Famous Twitter People

I have this theory that relates to Twitter… Did you see the Ted Cruz drama on twitter this week? So, everyone noticed that this guy’s twitter account liked a porn video posted by some porn account. Then, of course, everyone ran with it assuming this guy has some closet porn watching going on whilst preaching against such horrors. He probably does have some kind of ethics contradicting issue, but that has nothing to do with this controversy or my theory really. Here’s my theory: Everyone that you think is a rich celebrity or famous person that is on Twitter...

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Blown Away & Welcome

So I blew the blog away. I’m not sure exactly why, just felt like starting over. I sat down and read through a bunch of it, and it just seemed silly. There may have been some stuff in there that I’ll revisit soon, but for the most part I just felt like starting over, and starting to write about things that I care about, things that I actually like, and whatever goes on in my head. It just seems like a good time for a fresh start. A good time to refocus and recalibrate. I wish I could travel...

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