I’m sitting on a couch in a big empty mansion.  This place is insane.  It’s in the middle of nowhere in a very small town called Myrtle, Mississippi.  I’m here with the Barbell Shrugged team for a team retreat.  We periodically get together for a couple of days, hang out and talk about personal and company goals.  Since the team is spread out all across the Country, it’s nice to get everyone together every once in a while to catch up and just hang out.

I have no idea why this enormous house was built here, and everyone on the team has been speculating about how it came to be built on this 800 acre plot of land.  I’ve never stayed in a house like this before, so it’s really a pretty awesome experience.  Here’s a picture of the Library.

Yes, Library.  It even has one of those ladders on a track that you can move around the room to get books off of the top shelf.  There is also a Study directly across the hallway from the Library.  When we first got here, I wondered if we were going to be playing a real life game of Clue.

It’s the first week of January, so a lot of people are reflecting on 2016, and thinking about what needs to be done in 2017.  It’s been a crazy year, and a lot of people are excited to be saying farewell to 2016.  There were indeed a lot of sad things happening in 2016, but I’m choosing to stay focused on all of the awesome things that happened over the last year instead of the sad things.

I’m REALLY excited about 2017, all of the things that are going to be happening, and the places we’re going to go.  If you are thinking about your future, and trying to figure out what you want to do with your life I want to share an exercise with you that we did this weekend.  Check it out.  (Credit goes to my friend Shereen who put us through this exercise)

Craft Your Vision

  1.  Long Term Aspirations – What is most important to you physically, spiritually, mentally, relationally, financially, professionally, and personally (Long term, like 10 years from now)?
  2. Three Year Vision – Based on the long term (above), what do you want to create over the next three years?  What would a great personal and professional life look like?
  3. 12 Week Plan – 2-3 goals that are:  1) Specific and Measurable  2) Stated Precisely  3) Realistic Stretch (meaning hard, but attainable, changes must be made) 4) Assigned Accountability (tell someone about it)  5) Time Bound (you’ve got to do it in 12 weeks)

Crack open your notebook and write all of this down.  What I did was break number one up into 7 sections and wrote out exactly what I want each of those areas to look like in 10 years.  Then based on that I backed into the next two steps.

I recommend you give this one a shot.  It will really help you get your vision in check, and give you a clear path to making that vision happen.  If you have any questions, hit me up on Twitter or Instagram at @vonshrugged.

Happy New Year!



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